ABOUT amanda wei gallery



Amanda Wei Gallery was founded by collector Ms. Amanda Wei, devoted to promote modern and contemporary artists that represent culture and humanity.


Based in the high-profile Central District of Hong Kong, the gallery provides an excellent platform for art lovers to share and collect.

As Li Bai finds sustenance in poem for his illusory life, the undertaking of art is as well the journey towards achieving the meaning of life.


Amanda Wei Gallery cares about the development and cultivation of Chinese aesthetics, seeks artworks with unique oriental spirit and great potential. Taking ethnic Chinese and international modern and contemporary art as business core, we expand global partnerships with sincerity and persistence to build a professional art agent and display platform. The gallery works with internationally significant academic institutions, scholars, curators, and collectors to conduct multidimensional exhibitions, cooperation, promotion, publication, and in-depth academic research.


Amanda Wei Gallery is now cooperating with international renowned artists including Zhou Chunya, Tan Ping, Alixe Fu, and more, and we look forward to drive international interaction to the Chinese market with more artists together in the future.

"Passers-by are the living.

The difference between life and death is that between dreaming and waking up."

(Li Bai, "Spring Evening Banquet at the Peach and Pear Blossom Garden")