• Wheatfields' Whisper

    Wheatfields' Whisper: Alixe Fu 1st Retrospective Exhibition 1980-2022

    7 December 2022 - 7 June 2023
    Image of Wheatfields' Whisper, Alixe Fu 1st Retrospective Exhibition 1980-2022
  • 亙 | Eternity

    亙 | Eternity: Jin Rilong's Non-Figurative Solo Exhibition

    23 March - 30 May 2023
    Image of 亙 | Eternity, Jin Rilong's Non-Figurative Solo Exhibition
  • 盛暑酣夢 | Midsummer Trance

    盛暑酣夢 | Midsummer Trance: Hua Xiyu Solo "Midsummer Trance"

    7 - 27 June 2023
    Image of 盛暑酣夢 | Midsummer Trance, Hua Xiyu Solo 'Midsummer Trance'
  • Wei Gallery 5th Anniversary
  • Wei Gallery 5th Anniversary


    Amanda Wei Gallery was founded in 2017, devoted to promoting modern and contemporary artists that represent culture and humanity. We are now in our 5th year.
    In the past five years, we have maintained our focus on  ethnic Chinese and international modern and contemporary art and expanded global partnerships with sincerity to build a professional art agent and display platform:
    •  23 Gallery Exhibitions
    • 6 Art Fairs
    • 2 Art SpacesWei Gallery & Chatham Maison Art Research and Exchange Centre
    • 5 Exclusive Represented Artist
    • 20 Cooperated Artist
    • 11 Art Talks & Activities
    • 9 Independent Publications & Catalogues
    • 2 Partners & Organizers
    • 5 People Team Moving Forward Steadily

    We are not only concerned with the development and cultivation of Chinese aestheticism, and seeking artworks with unique oriental spirit and great potential, but are also based in Hong Kong to look at the world and promote diversity to global perspectives about art. In the next 5 years:
    • Build a life community with exclusively represented artists, to prosper in international exchange in the Chinese art market
    • Join forces with local art ecology, share resources, and take advantage of diverse spaces
    • Transform monument into contemporary art space with diverse functions, stick to conduct art research, organize non-commercial exhibitions, and host visiting scholars and artists in residence for creative and exchange activities
    • Establish artist research cases, organize academic seminars, publish regularly, hold art lectures and training