• 1971 born in Oran, Algeria
  • Currently lives and works in Shenzhen, China, Hong Kong, and France


One of the first artists featured in the Amanda Wei gallery in September of 2017, CEET (pronounced as "see-TEE") Fouad is a Hong Kong-based artist who is well-known for his colorful "Chicanos" chickens both on the street and in the galleries.


CEET’s humanized chicken portrays emotions and personalities and through his colorful humorous approach criticizes modern society as bringing up ‘followers’, afraid to stand out as individuals and to ‘chicken-out’!


A prolific artist, CEET has experimented with different media to achieve his characteristic level of quality, using acrylic and oil paint, as well as pens, markers, metal paints and sprays more familiar to street artists. In the recent year, CEET created a series of artworks that combines 2D and 3D elements by canvas and 3D painting. Since 2003, CEET Fouad has been based out of southern China, near Hong Kong, and is a prolific muralist and entrepreneur. Not only is CEET a graffiti artist and painter, but he has ventured graphic design and sculptures.


Ceet’s presence in well-known international contemporary art shows and support from large brands and companies including the cooperation with Prada, Lancel, Adidas and W Hotel over the years serves as a testament to his hard work and well-deserved place on the international art scene. He receives invitations continually to exhibit in galleries all across the world each year in Asia, Europe, Africa, and the USA. The works In the China Guardian Hong Kong Autumn Auctions 2019 included mix media paintings, sculpture and a site-specific work was dealt in remarkable auction results.