Belin, born in Linares, Spain, creates large-scale portraits of distinct characters that feel realistic and caricature-like at the same time. Their large heads and the dynamic, colourful designs behind them lend the works an eye-catching surrealism. It's the type of work that makes you look twice and marvel at the power of a few spray paint cans.


Belin did not receive formal training. He drew from a young age but not until 1995 did he pick up a spray paint can. His talent got him noticed by Von D and others and last year he traveled to Miami for Art Basel.

Well-known for his rosy-cheeked graffiti characters, he have a strong fine art quality to them. Belin is equally adept at painting huge murals, canvases and making sculptures, all of which carry his distinctive style.


While visitors will see familiar faces in his work, like those of President Obama and Hugo Chavez, Belin leaves it up to the viewer to decide who they see as true superheroes. He sees the less famous figures in his works as superheroes, whether

they realize it or not. "They're normal, common people that work on the street inwhatever normal job - whether in a bakery, as a taxi driver or a painter - that have trouble because of the economic crisis," says Belin. "We're all superheroes and we don't know it until a difficult moment comes and we find our strength."


Belin has already kept a wide curriculum, his pieces have been exposed all around Spain and countries like Germany, Italy, United Kingdon, Netherlands, Brasil, Israel, Mexico, USA. He even painted for brands like Dockers or Carhartt and tattoo artists like Kat von D from L.A. INK.





“Fazes” Solo Exhibition at Amanda Wei Gallery, Hong Kong



Solo exhibition, “AMORFOBIA” Collection in the gallery Bejarano Cristobal de Linares, Jaén, Spain
Solo exhibition at the “Hospital de Santiago”, Ubeda, Jaén, Spain


Art Madrid 2015, with the gallery Fernando Latorre, Madrid, Spain
Group exhibition at the University of Fine Arts on in Granada, Spain
Exhibition at the Art Center “Vincentre”, “STEP IN THE ARENA”. Nuenen, Netherlands
Exhibition of works “Super Heroes in Crisis” at the Arts Center of Guanajuato, Mexico


Gallery 44309, Dortmund, Germany
Gallery Fernando Latorre, Madrid, Spain
The Healthcare Gallery, Baton Rouge, Loussiana, USA


Wonderland Gallery, Los Angeles, California, USA
Exhibition “Agora”, Gallery of Fernando Latorre, Madrid, Spain
Single Expocisioón, 44309 street, Art gallery, Dormunt, Germany
Madrid, Spain
Wonderland Gallery, Los Angeles California, USA
Exhibition “Agora”, Gallery of Fernando Latorre, Madrid, Spain
Single Expocisioón, 44309 street, Art gallery, Dormunt, Germany


Mural Project for The Municipal Institute of Youth, Leon-Guanajuato, Mexico
Mural Project in Carranza Cultural Center, Mexico
Collective Show, Caja Granada, Granada, Spain
STROKE Urban Art Fair, BERLIN, Germany
Super Heroes in Crisis, Indoor ARCA, Mexico, DF
Art Basel Miami, Miami, Florida, United States


First prize in Graffiti, HIP HOP VICAR, Almería
Pleasure, La Casa Pintada, Linares, Spain
Group Exhibition in municipal building department Villa Maria, La Casa Pintada, Linares, Spain
Against the artistic abuse, Linares, Spain
Belin, Cultural Week, Cástulo Secondary School, Linares, Spain 2011 “Step in the Arena”, Eindhoven, Netherlands
Belin, Jheronimus Bosch Art Center, Hertogenbosch, Netherlands 2011 Urban Tales Festival, Foggia, Italy
Graffiti Exhibition, Mexico, DF
Exhibition of paintings and sculpture, School of Professional Design, Madrid, Spain


Belin young art “Boy King”, Civic Center, Granada, Spain
Belin Solo Show, Pupa Tattoo Art Gallery, Granada, Spain
Conference on ESDI, Sabadell, Spain
“Air”, Graffiti House, Linares, Spain
Demo Castellon Art Fair, Spain
The Painted House, University of Jaén, Spain
Graffiti-Exhibition on Urban Culture, Santiago de Compostela, Spain 2010 Collective international exhibition, Cartagena, Spain
Urban art festival Xtatic, Split, Croatia
“Fire”, Graffiti House, Linares, Spain
Festival Zaragoza City, Zaragoza, Spain
Graffiti Fine Art Sculpture, Museum of Sao Paulo, Brazil
JILfestival event (Guest), Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas, Mexico
“Myths”, La Casa Pintada, Linares, Spain