Art Talk With Zhou Chunya: Amanda Wei Gallery | Sanlorenzo Yachts

Landmark Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Hong Kong 19 December 2018 
Landmark Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Hong Kong



In collaboration with Sanlorenzo Yachts Asia (represented by Simpson Marine), Amanda Wei Gallery organized a special event: Art Talk with Zhou Chunya.

The event was a unique opportunity to present the famous Chinese contemporary artist to art lovers in a more personal, direct way. The artist also introduced the audience to the colourful nuances of his new Peach Blossoms series. 

Art Talk with Zhou Chunya opened with an introductory speech by Amanda Wei, before the artist took centre stage for a frank discussion on a variety of topics - including the memories of his upbringing, the influence of the Cultural Revolution on his process of creation, and the sources of inspiration for his art.

The event was a perfect prologue to Zhou Chunya's first solo exhibition in Hong Kong, titled "Peach Blossoms" , which will be on display at our gallery until February 15.