Art Talk Session II “Tan Ping Retrospective Exhibition Bound |Less”: Tan Ping, William Fong Yuen Ming

1 - 3 December 2021 

Chatham Maison




"Chatham Maison" Art Research & Exchange Centre and Amanda Wei Gallery held the Art Talk Session II. We invited artist Tan Ping to share the philosophy of his creation with art lovers. Regardless of geographical restrictions, everyone had a lively online discussion and exchanged ideas with Tan Ping, who is in Beijing at the moment.


Art Talk Session II coincided with the opening of Tan Ping's retrospective exhibition "Bound | Less", the guests had a dialogue with the curator William Fong after visiting the exhibition. "Chatham Maison" Art Research & Exchange Centre is committed to promoting local arts development and education. In this Art Talk, the artist, the curator, and the audience all benefited a lot from the interaction with each other.