Art Talk Session V "Jin Rilong Minimalism | Eternity": artist Jin Rilong and prof. Shun Kit Wong

23 - 25 March 2023 



Wei Gallery invited the former chairman of the visual arts group of HKADC & curator Professor Shun Kit Wong and artist Jin Rilong, to present an art talk titled "Minimalism: East and West".





Together with the exhibition “Eternity” by Jin Rilong, this event provides an opportunity for art lovers to have an in-depth understanding of minimalism, the development of Western and Eastern concepts of minimalism, Jin's creation process, and to have a discussion about “the self” in the time of cultural conflict.





Artist Jin Rilong’s new book “25 Years of Non-figurative Art” was published during the exhibition. 





Minimalism Talk by AWG TEAM was completed. In the future, Amanda Wei Gallery will continue focusing on globalized art, presenting multi-dimensional art & cultural experiences. Please stay tuned!