Amanda Wei Gallery is pleased to announce "Fazes" - a solo exhibition of Spanish contemporary artist BELIN.


Fazes" will embellish the gallery with surreal Post-Neo Cubism portraits and selected works from BELIN's OneLine abstract series.


Miguel Ángel Belinchón Bujes, widely known as "BELIN", is a Spanish artist famous for his extraordinary graffiti skills, photorealistic murals, and creative portraits that adopt some of the elements present in Cubism.

Being named by some as a modern "street Picasso", BELIN's style is unique and distinctive. In the street art world, the artist is well-known for his surrealistic painting style, attention to detail and the fact that he uses no stencils when he creates.


After spending some time living and working in Pablo Picasso’s birthplace, BELIN developed his own style he calls "postneocubismo". Although the style is actually an homage to the former artist’s cubist style, what makes BELIN’s style markedly his own is the way he embellishes the works with hyperrealistic details, breathing new life into Cubist tendencies.


On top of the traditionally flat spaces of color, BELIN depicts minute details of facial features of his subjects. Every hair and pore becomes clearly visible and lifelike, even when observed from close-up. While the distorted facial expressions, compared to traditional Cubist paintings give audiences strong feelings of shock and intensity, the clear outlines and the large patches of color and rich decorative patterns in other spaces of his works help to retain the original aesthetic of Cubism.

BELIN opens up a whole new art perspective with his fusion of Surrealism and Cubism and thereby seeks to promote its development and discussion around it. These works are not only unconventional but also thought-provoking in their meaning. Every new work of BELIN can quickly grab any art lovers’ attention by endearing the subject to the viewer.

BELIN's sculptures and paintings have been exhibited in museums and galleries around the world and have received an immense response. His works can also be found on the streets of Spain and the United States.
BELIN has also actively produced different commissioned works for renowned artists such as Kat von D and High Voltage, Spanish football players, famous musicians and successful brands such as Dockers, Carhartt and Sephora.