Bound | Less: Tan Ping Retrospective Exhibition

Amanda Wei Gallery join hands with the “Chatham Maison” Art Research and Exchange Centre to proudly present "Bound | Less", a retrospective exhibition of Tan Ping's work, starting 7 December 2021, at the Amanda Wei Gallery, Central and “Chatham Maison” Art Research and Exchange Centre at Mid-levels. As Tan Ping's first major retrospective exhibition in Hong Kong, this exhibition will present the most symbolic works of Tan Ping in his 40 years of art creation.


Tan Ping's retrospective exhibition - "Bound |Less" is jointly curated by Amanda Wei Gallery, Hong Kong and Boundless Artists Collective, Hong Kong. The exhibition will be held concurrently at the Amanda Wei Gallery in Central and at a venerable pre-war house at 1 Chatham Path, Mid-levels. In these two distinct exhibition spaces - a modern gallery versus a historic building, the audience will explore with Tan Ping the fluidity of the "boundaries" of life - darkness and light, pain and pleasure, reason and passion, inner spirit and outer worlds. Even absolute darkness has its cracks of light, and reason can be harnessed in the moment of passion, while the fetters of space can never confine the freedom of the mind.


"Bound | Less" is an artistic renovation of the “Chatham Maison” Art Research and Exchange Centre, in which separate spaces are named after the different stages of life.


"Art - When you articulate your own feelings, your expression will become more straight-forward when the heart is closest to death. I've painted a lot of them, whether they are joyous, painful, black, or those with a longing for life. They are very direct. What matters to me the most is presence. "