I Believe I Can Touch the Sky

CEET Fouad
CEET, 2019

Publisher: Amanda Wei Gallery

I Believe I Can Touch the Sky - a book about CEET Fouad and his journey through the depths of life and art, published by Amanda Wei Gallery.


Ceet, the Toulousian graffiti artist, as an early mover of graffiti in Toulouse during his youth and China. Introducing street art to Toulouse, it helps establish Toulouse as a compass point on the map of this art. 20 years later, he introduced graffiti and street art to China where these art forms were unknown. Ceet now lives primarily in China and runs an arts centre that hosts artists, organizes exhibitions and creates cultural and artistic events.

In the book, we can trace the art journey of the French graffiti master, Ceet, from his childhood in Toulouse, who participated in street art projects in different countries, to having international recognition. Let's explore Ceet’s extraordinary journey and get more insights into his creative experiences.