• 1961 born in Taiwan
  • 1985 graduated from the College of Arts in Chinese Culture University in Taipei
  • 1987 travelled to France and studied at National School of Fine Arts in Paris in 1988-89
  • 1991 moved into the studio in Van Gogh Village, Paris till now
  • 2005 Worked on public arts in Taipei for 1 year
  • 2019 Working at Paris, Beijing and Taipei


Alixe Fu’s sculptures combine Chinese traditional art and 20th century European artistic styles, developing a unique creation and sarcastic appearance. Fu’s oil paintings have an automatic technique that creates an environmental image, presenting personal emotions and emotional upheavals. Abundant colors and characters on canvas have a discernible facial feature overlapped with style bringing forth a playful manner.


Fu has always believed that expressing oneself at will is only the liberation of a “small ego” for traditional modernist artists. By contrast, when placing an individual’s art expressions among public intervention and extension, it shows a public responsibility and sentiment as a public intellectual and artist with contemporary concepts, which is the true “large ego”. He put his art practice as a “postmodern” way to innovate, complement and expand the previous modernism and expressionism. He seeks balance between individual presentation and showing concerns for the public, looks for integration of the linear development logic of western arts and the oriental comprehension thinking in his expression, from which he could establish a richer and more ample personal narrative and spiritual pursuit.


Fu’s exhibitions took place in Paris, New York, Beijing, France, Japan and Taiwan, including group exhibitions and biennales. His works were collected by public and private museums in France, Japan, China and Taiwan. He created public artworks for France in 1999 and for Taiwan in 2005 and 2008.