• 1961 born in Taiwan
  • 1985 graduated from the College of Arts in Chinese Culture University in Taipei
  • 1987 travelled to France and studied at National School of Fine Arts in Paris in 1988-89
  • 1991 moved into the studio in Van Gogh Village, Paris till now
  • 2005 Worked on public arts in Taipei for 1 year
  • 2019 Working at Paris, Beijing and Taipei


Alixe Fu was born in Taiwan in 1961. In 1983, Alixe had his first solo exhibition in Taipei where he graduated from the Fine Arts Department of Chinese Culture University in 1985. The artist travelled and lived in France since 1987, and learned lithograph in Ecole Nationale supérieure des Beaux-arts de Paris in 1989.


Fu’s exhibitions took place in Paris, New York, Beijing, France, Japan, and Taiwan, including group exhibitions and biennales such as “Salon de la jeune Peinture” “Salon d’automne” “Salon de mai” “Salon des indépendants” at the Grand Palais, and “Abstract Painting” “Avant-Garde, Installation, “Space” “New Painting” “Contemporary Art Trend” “Style-22” “New Representational Painting” “Taipei Biennale” at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum, “Tian An Men, je n’oublie pas” at the George Pompidou Center, “Shanghai Biennale” at the Shanghai Fine Arts Museum, etc.


Fu has always believed that expressing oneself at will is only the liberation of a “small ego” for traditional modernist artists. By contrast, when placing an individual’s art expressions among public intervention and extension, it shows a public responsibility and sentiment as a public intellectual and artist with contemporary concepts, which is the true “large ego”. He put his art practice as a “postmodern” way to innovate, complement and expand the previous modernism and expressionism. He seeks balance between individual presentation and showing concerns for the public, looks for integration of the linear development logic of western arts and the oriental comprehension thinking in his expression, from which he could establish a richer and more ample personal narrative and spiritual pursuit.


“I am a single mind among the people like a dot among the dust. Sense every consciousness floating by me, listen to the earnest voice comes from the depth of heart. I am everyone, but also no one. Like a play, shifting myself from one point to another, melting myself with others, passing the spark of the message to others. I merely keep what touches me at different time in different spaces.” – Alixe Fu




Christie’s HK Online Auction,

Two scarecrows (1991),195 x 130 cm,

325,000 HKD


Ravenel Autumn Auction Taipei,

Un Jeu de Train (1990), 116 x 89 cm,

153,846 HKD


Ravenel Spring Auction Taipei,

Vitality (1993), 116 x 89 cm,

142,928 HKD



Ravenel Autumn Auction Taipei,

Butterfly and the Person (1996), 130 x 130 cm,

121,827 HKD



Christie’s HK Online,

Mother & Son; & Earth & Life (1989), 41.2 x 27 cm,

43,750 HKD



Kingsley’s Taipei Autumn Auction,

Shadow of Trees (1992), 72 x 60 cm,

236,000 TWD


Ravenel Spring Auction Taipei,

Enfants a la Terre (1991), 130 x 195 cm,

126,633 HKD



Ravenel Spring Auction HK,

People and People (1984), 126 x 320 cm,

360,000 HKD


Ravenel Spring Auction TP,

Who Ate the Candy? (2008), 130 x 194 cm,

155,039 HKD


Ravenel Autumn Auction Taipei,

Vagabond (1991), 195 x 129 cm,

119,403 HKD



Kingsley’s Taipei Autumn Auction,

Albatross (1994), 92 x 73 cm,

472,000 TWD


Kingsley’s Taipei Spring Auction,

Taiwan (1995), 130 x 97 cm,

802,400 TWD


Ravenel Spring Auction HK,

Wing of Cloud (1992), 130 x 196 cm,

188,800 HKD



Ravenel Autumn Auction Taipei,

Tulips (2002), 73 x 92 cm,





Art Taipei【Anti-Retro Art】 -Taipei, Taiwan



Amanda Wei Gallery【 Bards - solo exhibition】 - Hong Kong



Marie Vitoux Gallery【SIGN ME/Hybrid Portraits】- Paris, France
Today Art Museum Square Street.The third【Sign Me】- Beijing, China
Today Art Museum【SIGN ME/Hybrid Portraits】- Beijing, China

Yuan Art Museum【Alixe Fu’s 35 Arts, Solo Exhibition】- Beijing, China

ArtDoor Gallery【SIGN ME/Hybrid Portraits】- Taipei, Taiwan



Museum of Contemporary Art /Eslite Dun-Nan/Fubon Financial Center. The second【Sign Me】- Taipei, Taiwan



The first【Sign Me】- Paris/Auvers-sur-Oise, Castle Garden City Plaza, Church Square, Van Gogh Park, Art Gallery Daubigny Garden, Van Gogh Park, France

【Sign Me】- Art Contemporary Gallery, Paris/Auvers-sur-Oise, France
Auvers-sur-Oise.Auvers Chateau and Museum【Sign Me】Paris, France
Taipei.Impressions Art Gallery【Alixe Fu】.Taiwan



Beijing. Galerie Cube⁄LYNAart-NewYork˙Pékin «ArtBeijing2007»【Alixe Fu】.China
Carcassonne.Maison du Chevalier Gallery.France



Blois.Blois Chateau and Museum【Plante-Homme, Homme-Animal III.】.France
Carcassonne.Maison du Chevalier Gallery【Plante-Homme, Homme-Animal III.】.France



Nakasendo. Nakasendo Museum 【Plante-Homme, Homme-Animal】.Japan
Nagoya. Galerie Miyabi Gallery « XVI Nagoya Contemporary Art Fair »【Alixe Fu】.Japan
Taipei.Asia Art Center【Plante-Homme, Homme-Animal II.】.Taiwan



Nagoya. Galerie Miyabi【Plante-Homme, Homme-Animal I.】.Japan



Taipei. East Gallery. Taiwan
Paris. FNAC-FORUM. France



Taichung.Dimension Art Center【People Eye】.Taiwan
Taipei.Dimension Art Center【People Eye】.Taiwan



Kaohsiung.Duchamp Gallery. Taiwan



Taichung.East Gallery【Naissance】.Taiwan
Taipei.Taiwan Gallery 【Naissance】.Taiwan



Paris/Auvers-sur-Oise.Art Contemporary Gallery 【Alixe Fu1984~1994】.France
New York. Z Gallery.United States
Paris. Marie Vitoux Gallery.France



Patrick Chemama Gallery/Virgin Megastore - Paris, France

Taipei.Asia Art Center.Taiwan
Taichung.East Gallery.Taiwan
Taipei.East Gallery.Taiwan



Paris.Patrick Chemama Gallery/Virgin Megastore.France



Taipei.East Gallery.Taiwan



Taichung. Taichung Culture Center. Taiwan
Paris.Georges Pompidou Center« Tian An Men, je n’oublie pas ». France
Taipei.Yung-Han Gallery. Taiwan



Clermont-Ferrand. House of Arts. France



Taichung. Taichung Culture Center.Taiwan



Taipei.Hwa-Kang Museum.Taiwan
Taipei.Nan Gallery.Taiwan



Taipei.University Gallery.Taiwan




ARTDOOR Gallery , 2018 Art Taichung - Taichung, Taiwan

ARTDOOR Gallery, 2018 Art Formosa - Taipei, Taiwan

Aamanda Wei Gallery, China Guangfa Bank 【 Exhibition with Ye Yonqing】- Shanzhen, China



ARTDOOR Gallery, Art Kaohsiung 2017 - Kaohsiung, Taiwan



Taipei.Fine Arts Museum « Avant-Garde Installation Space ».Taiwan