• 1955 born in Chongqing, China
  • 1982 graduated from Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, Chongqing, China.
  • Currently lives and works in Chengdu and Shanghai, China.


Zhou Chunya - The literati combination of Chinese Painting and Neo-expressionism- From the context of Chinese art development over the past thirty years, Zhou Chunya is an exceptional figure acclaimed as an idol reinterpreting the combination of Chinese Painting and Neo-expressionism in the Chinese art history. After graduating from Kassel Academy in Germany in 1988, Zhou has constituted a Contemporary-literati style of Chinese painting under the influence of German Neo-expressionism and Chinese traditional painting. In his forty-year career, his art has changed so frequently and so drastically. All his iconic series like Mountain Rocks, Green Dog, Flower, and Peach Flower have unanimously carried with his literati sense and spirit.


Zhou Chunya was born in Chongqing and graduated from Kassel Academy of Fine Arts in Germany in 1988. His artworks are supported by top museums and art collectors worldwide. He has also hosted his solo exhibition in Spain, Italy, Norway, Indonesia National Gallery, and Shanghai Art Museum and Today Art Museum in China. In 2009, Zhou established the Fund of Five Colors to help people handicapped by injury and lost their support during the earthquake, and keep helping handicapped people through art education and provide therapeutic programs to children. In 2010, Zhao has gained great success by having his Forty Years Retrospective Review exhibition in Shanghai Art Museum and establishing Zhou Chunya Art Academy in Shanghai. Zhou is not just having huge success in the art market, but also highly regarded for his academic achievement. He was appointed as president to the Academic Committee of Chengdu Biennale in 2013.


Throughout Zhou Chunya's whole art career, there are three series of works that are most representative: Rock, Green Dog and Peach Blossom. It is fair enough to say that he is a real liberalist who dare to go beyond the bigger concept of history and social conditions because he believes in life experience itself. As one of the most established artists who have been through the Cultural Revolution, he kept his path different from the mainstream “Traumatic Art” at that time. He feels pleasant to face this cruel world and represent it back to the public in a beautiful and romantic way, bringing positiveness and satisfaction to life. However, at the same time, his artwork shows a type of “mild violence” which reflect his resistance as an individual to the society as a whole. As shown within his works about landscapes, lives and the human body, there are metaphors of his personality as both a traditional Literator and a bold contemporary artist.





Christie’s HK Spring Auction,

Stone Series- The Tree Connected to Stone (1993),195 x 130 cm,

32,525,000 HKD


Sotheby’s HK, Spring Auction,

Little Path to Dragon Spring Mountain (2006), 200 x 250 cm,

9,775,000 HKD


Poly HK, Spring Auction,

Peach Blossoms -Suzhou Peach Blossoms (2006), 200 x 250 cm,

10,974,000 HKD



China Guardian Spring Auction,

Chinese Stone (1992), 149.5 x 129 cm,

43,700,000 RMB


Christie’s HK Autumn Auction,

Tree Series (1993), 195 x 130 cm,

30,100,000 HKD


Christie’s HK Spring Auction,

Don’t Let the Flower Goes with the Running Water,280 x 200 cm,

9,100,000 HKD


Sotheby’s HK Spring Auction,

Peach Blossom in the Spring Once Again (2013), 100 x 500 cm, 12,120,000 HKD


Poly HK Spring Auction,

Graff, Becker and TT (2009), 220 x 320 cm,

10,856,000 HKD


Poly HK Spring Auction,

A Lying Woman, Black Stone (1992), 149.2 x 119.2 cm,

9,440,000 HKD



China Guardian Autumn Auction,

China Scenery (1993), 194 x 130 cm,

44,275,000 RMB (Turnover record)


Christie’s HK Autumn Auction,

Blossom Series (2006), 120 x 150 cm,

9,700,000 HKD


Sotheby’s HK Autumn Auction,

Red Rock (1999), 114 x 89.5cm,

2,000,000 HKD


Sotheby’s HK Autumn Auction,

Blue Sky (2006), 250 x 200 cm,

5,740,000 HKD


Sotheby’s HK Spring Auction,

Peach Blossom (2013), 150 x 200 cm,

4,180,000 HKD



Sotheby’s HK Autumn Auction,

Taihu Scholar Rock (2000), 150 x 120 cm,

3,440,000 HKD



Sotheby’s HK Spring Auction,

Lovers Under the Moon (Green Dog No.2, 1997),

250.5 x 200 cm,

6,080,000 HKD



Poly HK, Autumn Auction,

Mountain and Rock in Red (1999), 150 x 120 cm,

14,160,000 HKD


Christie’s SH Spring Auction,

Radiance of the Sunset (1982), 109.5 x 79.5 cm,

7,230,000 CNY


Sotheby’s HK Spring Auction,

Rock Series (1993), 195 x 130 cm,

8,440,000 HKD



Christie’s HK Autumn Auction,

New Generation Tibetan (1980), 160 x 200 cm,

33,720,000 HKD


Sotheby’s HK Spring Auction,

Green Dog No.3 (1997), 250 x 200 cm,

8,200,000 HKD



China Guardian Autumn Auction,

Sheep Shearing (1981), 170 x 236 cm,

30,475,000 RMB



Christie’s HK Autumn Auction,

Stone Series (1999), 149.7 x 298.6 cm,

9,620,000 HKD







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