• 1955 born in Chongqing, China.
  • 1982 graduated from Sichuan Fine Arts Institute
  • 1988 obtained Master’s degree from Kassel Academy, Germany


Zhou is a Chinese painter and literati famous for his iconic series like Mountain Rocks, Green Dog, and Peach Blossom. He gradually constituted a Contemporary-literati style of Chinese painting under the influence of both German Neo-expressionism and Chinese traditional painting.


As one of the most established artists who have been through the Cultural Revolution, Zhou Chunya kept his path different from the mainstream “Traumatic Art” at that time. He feels pleasant to face this cruel world and represent it back to the public in a beautiful and romantic way, bringing positiveness and satisfaction to life. His artworks show a type of “mild violence” which reflects his resistance as an individual to the society conditions. As shown within his works about landscapes, lives and the human body, there are metaphors of his personality, as both a traditional literator and a bold contemporary artist.


Zhou Chunya is one of the most successful and best-selling Chinese artists in contemporary art scene. In 2019, Zhou Chunya became the only Chinese artist who was awarded one of the best-selling 10 artists in auctions among global art market.