Taipei cordially greets CEET and "Los Chicanos": Live Graffiti Show | Talk with the Artist

Song Shan Cultural Park, Taipei 6 - 7 September 2019 
Song Shan Cultural Park, Taipei

French contemporary graffiti artist CEET Fouad was invited by ART TAIPEI and TAIWAN ART GALLERY ASSOCIATION to promote the Art Taipei 2019 and introduce himself and his unique artistic experience to the local audience.

The event consisted of two different activities:

Live graffiti painting show at the Storage building in Song Shan Cultural Park (6 September)
Art talk with CEET and the hosts at the Eslite Bookstore Forum (7 September)

Many art lovers participated in the activity to watch the process of graffiti creation up close and took the opportunity to learn more about the artist's creative journey. The Chairman of Taiwan Art Gallery Association, the organizer of ART TAIPEI Chung Ching-Hsin and director of the Song Shan Cultural Park Candy Chan, also personally attended to support CEET.

CEET has used the iconography of the rooster as his main theme in the recent times of his career. Turning the street into his canvas, his humorous and witty creations have made a global resonance, bringing global brands such as Adidas, Le Coq Sportif, Fila, Eckō, Airbus, and Loewe for collaboration. CEET's massive 250 000+ online followers count speak best about his popularity. He has lived in Morocco, France, South Africa, and China for many years. His graffiti and murals can be found in Mainland China and Hong Kong SAR.

Ceet humbly said that he never thought he could bring people so much joy through art ... and even attract global attention.

"If you do one thing wholeheartedly and persistently, it will start feeling very fulfilling and bring a lot of happiness to you"

With 33 years of painting experience, he spent his early years in Europe before being invited to design in China in the 2000s. He then settled in Shenzhen, a rapidly industrializing city. For him, creation is like a game, constantly experimenting, communicating, enjoying the process of change and opportunities.

"I want to use the image of chicken to connect with people very directly, without


the meaning that could be too deep and heavy, to awaken the childishness in everyone's heart!"


Ceet is the first street artist Amanda Wei Gallery collaborated with in Hong Kong. The gallery opened in 2017 with CEET's solo exhibition "Raining Colors".
As CEET's representative gallery in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia, we are sincerely happy for him having this opportunity to collaborate with Art Taipei.

Join us for Art Taipei 2019 to meet CEET again and enjoy his "Chicanos" with us!
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17 Oct - 22 Oct 2019 in Taipei