Art Taipei 2020 | Booth G03: Alixe Fu Solo Exhibition: Anti-Retro Art

No. 5, Section 5, Xinyi Rd, Xinyi District, Taipei 22 - 26 October 2020 
No. 5, Section 5, Xinyi Rd, Xinyi District, Taipei G03

Amanda Wei Gallery is delighted to invite you to participate in Art Taipei 2020 Art Fair. We will present artist Alixe Fu's solo exhibition "Anti-Retro Art" about his Portraits Métissé series of paintings and art installations in the past ten years, which is based on the 18th and 19th century European oil painting and his extension to contemporary post-expressionist practices. These artworks created precious dialogues among three centuries.


The exhibition is the collection of French artist Alixe Fu’s creation in his studio located in the French Ministry of Culture, the National Studio of Van Gogh Village in Paris. A series of important and unique integrations are exhibited as his first exhibition about his 33 years of studies on Eastern and Western painting texture and oil painting restoration. He rescued these damaged and anonymous paintings in the auction house as if he had gone through the memories of a long time ago. The dilapidated classical paintings created more than one or two hundred years ago were carefully cleaned, repaired and then re-framed on a new canvas to re-create. In the past ten years, Alixe Fu created 18 paintings in the "Anti-Retro Art" series, commemorating the "stranded" and "pause" conditions in our current time and space, subverting the beauty of ancient consumerism as beauty is now ruled by the evil. Misplaced time, overlapping space, awakens dialogues between subconscious and consciousness, and evokes communication among the souls in two different worlds; They are mutually echoing, depending, and conflicting with each other.


Art critic Christian Noorbergan indicated that “Alixe Fu’s art is extreme, daring and pellucid, this is art with no inner or outer limits: its space-time continuum, prodigious in its suppleness and fluency, has no defining horizon beyond that of painting open to every creative possibility, or sculpture that is inventive, committed and generous.” Focusing on these damaged and unknown oil paintings, with careful restoration and innovation, the artist has been practicing with deconstructive thinking to give these old pieces a reborn and explore the freedom of belonging in the melody of the new world.


Deconstruction but not crushing, destruction but leaving the original features, the Portraits Métissé series carefully and tactfully intervene in the disciplined world, so that it generates a brand-new aura between the subtleties, and bridges the world of old time and today. The second creation based on the original author made remarkable breakthroughs as these series of artworks are Alixe Fu's way of cherishing the use of social resources, turning broken and decadent pictures into magic, giving contemporary meaning to the era of anonymous artworks through multiple elements of Eastern and Western art. His strong artistic beliefs and his unique form of "co-working" with painters across time and space are reflected in today's challenging social reality. The necessity of the world as a "community" has been repeatedly verified and broadened. The additional parts of the ancient paintings have become the protagonists of the work, guarding and shaking the traditional beings of the past, and entering the charming art world of Alixe Fu which is connected to the sensitive tentacles of various cultures.