Art Talk Session III “Pop · Art = Life”: Prof. Shun Kit Wong, CEET Fouad, Peter Yau

6 - 15 September 2022 

Wei Gallery




Wei Gallery invited former chairman of  visual arts group of HKADC & curator Professor Shun Kit Wong, French-Hong Kong contemporary artist CEET Fouad, and Peter Yau, founding member of web 3.0 enterprise NuraTech, to present four sessions of talks titled "Pop · Art = Life."


This event, held in conjunction with the opening of CEET's solo show "LOSt Chix," provides art lovers with an insight into Pop Art, a chance to meet CEET and understand more about the behind stories and his art concepts, and an introduction to the NFT trend and the uniqueness of CEET's NFT.


During the intervals, artist CEET led friends into the world of Chicanos through his guided tour.