"Wheatfields' Whisper": Alixe Fu 1st Retrospective Exhibition 1980-2022

7 December 2022 - 7 June 2023 

"Wheatfields' Whisper" - Alixe Fu's 1st large retrospective exhibition 1980-2022 is curated by the team at Amanda Wei Gallery. The exhibition is held at the "Chatham Maison" Art Research and Exchange Centre and presents his 40 years span artistic journey, displaying the most important and symbolic pieces of his career.


The curatorial concept is primarily based on his series, supported by creation timeline, presenting 7 symbolic series: '80-90s early series: 1980 "Fate", 1983-1987 "Game", 1987-1991 "Saint Denis", 1991-2022 "Scarecrow Man and The Cross" series, 1994-1997 "Birth", '1997-2022 "Plant Man-Animal Man" series', '2012-2022 Old Pictures-New Works "Anti-Retro" series', sketches series', and '2006-2022 "Sign Me" Sculpture series'.