Wheatfields' Whisper: Alixe Fu 1st Retrospective Exhibition 1980-2022

At Chatham Maison, a unique viewing centre in Hong Kong combining art & history, Amanda Wei Gallery presents over 40 years of Alixe Fu’s wonderful artistic journeys. Alixe Fu has lived in Paris, Beijing, Taipei, New York, and various other places before settling in Auvers-sur-Oise, in the northern suburbs of Paris, France, also known as “Van Gogh Village”. Alixe Fu regards this small French town as the place where he really belongs, as it established his position as an artist. Besides creating artworks here, he has also set his feet on the raven wheatfields of Van Gogh for over 30 years. Thus, his first retrospective exhibition is titled “Wheatfields’ Whisper”. 

The exhibition integrates a spatial transformation of the venue itself, curating 7independent themes following Alixe Fu’s symbolic series. The curatorial concept isprimarily based on his series, supported by his creation timeline: ‘80-90s early series:1980 “Fate”, 1983-1987 “Game”, 1987-1991 “Saint Denis”, 1991-2022 “Scarecrow andThe Cross” series, 1994-1997 “Birth”’, ‘1997-2022 “Plant Man-Animal Man” series’,‘2012-2022 Old Pictures-New Works “Anti-Retro” series’, ‘1997-2022 “HybridPortraits” series’, ‘2022 Recent Works series’, ‘1980-2022 Sketches series’, and‘2006-2022 “Sign Me” Sculpture series’. 


‘80-90s early series’ is revealed by “Fate” created during his academic period in 1980. Expressing the ambiguity and contradiction of his younger self. From ‘Who am I?’ to ‘Why am I here? What is the purpose of life?’, these existential questions linger around the works. He then immigrated to Paris in 1987 and settled in Paris's rural area called Auvers-sur-Oise, where he created the “Scarecrow and The Cross” series.



‘1997-2022 “Plant Man-Animal Man” series’ explores the theme of human existence, in a visual scope, he dissects and reconstructs the bodies, diving deep into the spiritual thinking and imagination, finally reaching an epiphany.


‘2012-2022 Old Pictures-New Works “Anti-Retro” series’ muffles the boundaries of time. Through dialogues with ancient paintings, the past, present and the future intertwines. The abstract yet existing relationship between the individual and history is therefore displayed to be an overlapping time space.



‘1997-2022 “Hybrid Portraits” series’ is the most iconic series, highlighting Alixe Fu’s vision of 2 dimensional visual concepts. By breaking the opposition between figuration and abstraction, he establishes a third surreal space of his own, integrating three decades worth of artistic exploration onto his imagery, both vast and global.


‘2022 Recent Works series’ Alixe Fu continues to present works that float between realities, they bring surreal visual impact to his audience. His unique sense of vision and brushstrokes as he transforms figurative faces, human bodies, landscapes, and objects, reflecting his exploration of identity between artistic deconstruction and construction. By connecting the past, present and the future, he establishes his own existence.



‘1980-2022 sketches series’ run through Alixe Fu’s creative career and occupy a significant position in his artistic inspiration. In 1988, he began studying sketches on paper, and by 1989, he left 15 sketched models. Referencing 1983-1987 “Game” where his imagery and subjects were previously rigid and realistic, Alixe Fu’s sketches in 1989 became more unrestrained and freer through lines. Additionally, the artist began using a more vibrant colour palette, experimenting with a variety of mediums, breaking away from the in-the-box framework, opening a new door for creative flow.


‘2006-2022 “Sign Me” Sculpture series’, started in 2008 where 17 large sculptures are all derived from his sketches. Alixe Fu invited his audience to sign on the sculptures from the “Sign Me” series, and eventually coloured them. Through these works, he communicates, connects, and travels towards prosperity and symbiosis.


To conclude this art feast, we welcome guests to the rooftop to participate in our signing activity with the “Sign Me” series sculptures “Brothers”, together ‘sign for love’.


About Alixe Fu


1961 born in Taiwan

1985 graduated from the College of Arts in Chinese Culture University in Taipei

1987 travelled to France

1988-1989 studied lithograph at National School of Fine Arts in Paris

1991 moved into the studio in Van Gogh Village, Paris till now

2005 worked on public arts in Taipei for 1 year

2014 resided in the Beijing T3 Artistic Community

Currently lives and works in Paris, Beijing and Taipei


Alixe Fu was born in Taiwan in 1961. In 1983, Alixe had his first solo exhibition in Taipei where he graduated from the Department of Fine Arts of Chinese Culture University in 1985. He travelled and lived in France since 1987, and learned lithograph at National School of Fine Arts in Paris during 1988-1989.


Alixe Fu has made his mark throughout Taipei, Paris, New York, Beijing, Nagoya, Hong Kong etc. He has been involved in solo, group shows and biennales in institutions including Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei, Centre Georges-Pompidou, Grand Palais, Château Royal de Blois, Auvers-sur-Oise Castle, and Today Art Museum in Beijing. In 1984, he participated in Taipei Fine Arts Museum’s “Avant-Garde, Installation and Space”, “New Painting”, “Modern Sculpture Special Exhibition”, “Contemporary Art Trend”, “Style-22”, “New Representational Painting”, “Modern Abstract Painting”, etc. One of which was Taiwan’s first large scale art installation exhibition in Taipei Fine Arts Museum called “Avant-Garde, Installation and Space”, where he was one of the 20 participants. He also exhibited in “Salon d’automne”, “Salon de mai”, “Salon de la jeune Peinture”, “Salon des Indépendants”, and “Salon des Comparaisons” at Grand Palais in Paris. In 1999, 2005, 2008 he made public works for France and Taiwan respectively. His works have been collected and archived in public & private art museums in France, Japan, China, Taiwan and more.


About "Chatham Maison" Art Research & Exchange Centre

“Chatham Maison” Art Research and Exchange Centre is a private house, located in an elegant and mysterious British colonial building in Mid-Levels, Hong Kong, with a history that dates to nearly 100 years. The building was listed as a Grade II historical building by the Hong Kong Government in 2018. British architect John Caer Clark completed the construction in 1927 and became the first owner of the building. During the Japanese occupation, it was used as an office for senior Japanese military officers; between 1952 and 1973, the building was converted from a private residence to a private secondary school (Chatham English School. Since the outbreak of the epidemic in early 2020, Wei Gallery has breathed new artistic life into the building beyond its commercial space on Wyndham Street in Central, naming it "Chatham Maison" and transforming it into a non-profit art research and exchange institution. The main purpose of the institution is to conduct art research, establish artist research cases, organize academic seminars, hold regular art lectures and training, publish, host visiting scholars and artists in residence for creative and exchange activities, and organize non-commercial exhibitions.