Art Taipei 2018: Ye Yongqing, Alixe Fu, Zhou Chunya artworks

Taipei World Trade Center, 26 - 29 October 2018 



ART TAIPEI is the landmark of Asian Art.

It connects the forefront of art from around the world to explore the topic of global art trends while focusing on diverged art forms.

Indefinite Museum

The prevalence of ‘collecting’ and ‘sharing’ has prompted new platforms to display art in new genre, from the private space to the public sphere, urban zones to rural areas, freeing the traditional art museums from the spatial constraints and institutional structure.


The idea of ‘Indefinite Museum’, therefore, has become the trend of a new era, revealing a new spectrum of possibilities for inventiveness and conceptual orientated exhibition curation. And the employment of digital technology such as augmented reality and virtual reality not only provides a new approach of artistic practice but also enriches multiple perspectives on art viewing.


ART TAIPEI proposes ‘Indefinite Museum’ as the theme for 2018 to encourage 'collecting' and 'sharing' in a contemporary context. The 25th edition will feature an exhibition of Technology Art and Art Taipei warmly welcomes you to join us and be part of this emerging trend.