Raining Colors: Ceet | Solo Exhibition


Amanda Wei Gallery, located in the art hub Central, is celebrating its grand opening on 1 Sept. Bringing an artistic vibe to the area, the gallery aims to provide a platform where artists can present their works in an environment that's encouraging for art creation and development.


Displaying artworks by renowned French graffiti master Ceet Fouad, taking the lead is the solo show Raining Colors - as the opening exhibition for Amanda Wei Gallery.

The exhibition will start from 1 September and last until 1 October.


Raining Colors - Balance the Joy and Sorrow in Life


Ceet uses his signature chickens as a way to depict his personal experiences and thoughts, as well as to give an ironic remark on the social phenomenon that people always go with the tide without any personal characteristics.


In a way, Ceet's vivid "Chicanos" are the introspection of human life.

“In modern society, people always go with the tide and that makes them dull and implicit as persons. The chickens I created are colorful and I hope that they can represent the unique personalities and versatile emotions of human beings.

They also remind us to be true to ourselves in keeping our individuality and personalities. That's the true meaning of standing out from the crowd."

- CEET Fouad


This exhibition shows Ceet's innovative approach of transforming vivid cartoon images into abstract impressions. Apart from the classic bright and eye-catching colors, the new series also daringly plays with the raindrop effect to reveal a crazy and versatile personality. All this combines to overthrow negative feelings and bring much needed joy on a rainy day. And even when adversity seems to be overwhelming, the idea is to accept and even enjoy adversity in life!

"It's dark and dreary on a rainy day. The artworks bring a balance of joy and sorrow, as well as the experience of enjoying adversity in life."

With Ceet's signature artworks, Amanda Wei Gallery also presents some of his new works exclusive to Hong Kong.

It is an exceptional exhibition that art lovers can't afford to miss!